Nutrition & Ingredients

Per 100g Per 45g Bar
Energy 2287kJ (553kcal) 1029kJ (249kcal)
Fat 43.3g 19.5g
Saturates 12.6g 5.7g
Carbohydrate 22.3g 10.0g
Sugars 19.1g 8.6g
Fibre 10.8g 4.9g
Protein 13.8g 6.2g
Salt 0.03g 0.01g
Omega 3 2.6g (163%) 1.2g (73.5%)
Magnesium (mg) 194 (51.5%) 87 (23%)
Copper (mg) 0.67 (67%) 0.3 (30%)

Seed and Nut Box

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Seed and nut bars are very high in omega 3s. Omega 3 consumption has been linked with improving many brain health issues including a range of mental health problems.

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